Double Extruder Lamination Machine

International Trade Department
Product categories:Plastic Machinery

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This machine can do coating on pp woven fabric uniformly by using melted PP and PE mixture to make one-side or two-side coated woven bags. It can also make use of the good adhesive property of PP and PE mixture at melting status to laminate the printed paper, OPP or CPP film to the pp woven fabric or nonwoven fabric to get paper or film laminated bags.

Temperature of the machine is controlled automatically and width of coating and laminating is adjustable; fabric roller is put on by pneumatic device, six-station for material conveying, pneumatic-hydraulic edge correction for rewinder and magnetic powder clutch to control tension are adopted; pneumatic structure for compression roller is adopted to make the pressure uniform and adjustable; frictional winder is configured. Swing-type frame can be added, if required.

Different Structures for Option:

1. If you want to make two-side laminated bags with glossy effect, you can choose six-roller two-die two mirror rollers’ structure.

2. If you want to make two-side laminated bags with matt effect, you can choose four-roller two-die structure.

3. We can also make double-extruder two-die two mirror rollers’ structure according to customer’s requirement.